About LifeStar Alberta

What is LifeSTAR?

LifeSTAR Alberta is a 3-phase treatment program designed to help individuals, partners and couples adversely affected by pornography addiction and other sexually compulsive behaviours. Each phase builds on the previous one to create a comprehensive approach towards understanding, healing, recovery and a healthier lifestyle. You will also have access to instructional tools that were developed exclusively for our program. Workbooks and other materials help provide education and structure throughout the different phases of treatment. The phases are specifically designed to uncover and heal patterns that create and sustain addictive behaviours.

You will be gently guided through each of these phases by licensed therapists specifically trained in sexual addiction recovery.

Emphasis is placed on effective treatment plans, a commitment to group therapy, development of support networks, accountability and other strategies that facilitate recovery, produce sobriety and promote healthy lifestyles.

One unique feature of the LifeSTAR program is that the educational materials and tools are also available for partners of those struggling with the addiction. Couples are encouraged to attend together, but single adults or those who are married but would rather come alone are also welcome and encouraged to attend.

We provide a safe haven for individuals and their families struggling with the effects of pornography and sexual addictions. All are treated with respect and compassion, without judgment.