Letter From an Addict, One Year in Recovery

I have tried to beat my sex addiction all my life. I always believed I could. I finally resigned myself to a life of misery convincing myself that I didn’t want or need to overcome my addiction. LifeSTAR provided a framework, tools, and an environment (group) to peel back the layers to find underlying faulty thinking that supported my addiction. Without it, I would still be just a shell of a man constructed on a pretense of who I wasn’t , but always wanted to be.

I was discovered by my wife who spent six horrifying weeks compiling the data she needed to unravel my countless secrets and prove this wasn’t just a recreational boo-boo she stumbled upon, but a full blown addiction. She then reported me to a church authority.

I could not deny the intensity of activity to which I had fallen. It was recorded in graphic and traumatic detail. I agreed to get help. My goal was to appease my wife and church leadership. In the process, I would sincerely apologize, be forgiven, and become spiritually strong so that I could ”… go and sin no more.” I very much looked forward to it. It would all blow over in a couple of weeks. How naïve. I had no idea what was going to come. Steve and Jennifer did as did those who work so hard to put a program of recovery that has literally saved my life. Thankfully, at the time I was introduced to the program, I brought on very valuable thing to the table – an honest desire and complete faith in the program.

As I look back, I find it hard to believe that I completely constructed a false life to feed an addiction that I hated so badly. I had come to believe and see myself as a confident church leader, father, and husband with a work ethic and wisdom that elevated me about others setting me apart and about the rest. I was perfect. Truth is, my relationship was on the rocks. I was failing at work and constantly steeling my nerves against depression, anger, and hopelessness and the nagging reality I was bound by something I felt completely powerless to. I came to understand through the tireless efforts of a loving wife, the LifeSTAR program, my group, a good friend named Steve, and a lot of hard work how truly and deeply I hated myself for most of my life. I had to find where it all started and how a life-time of thoughts had been transformed from justification and rationalization to belief. It was devastating to have no other choice but to discover who I truly was.

I’m not him anymore. I’m somebody else like everybody else with a lot of flaws, but much worth to my family and community just as I am. It’s a process and a very hard one. But I now know I’m capable. The course has been set, my support team is in place, and as I hit the reset button by living in the moment and failing quickly, honestly, and less often, I am confident in the road ahead. I couldn’t have done it without LifeSTAR which provided me with countless insights and a set of tools to see myself as I truly was.

– An Addict, one year in recovery

From a Recovering Addict

For me, LifeStar raised more questions than it answered. It turns out this was what I needed.

LifeStar cleared away my emotional clutter and allowed me to access the faith that will allow me to face the challenges of my life and of recovery, and it allowed me to see that recovery is the pursuit of a

lifetime, is unique to me, and is not only possible, but also worthwhile and achievable.

LifeStar gave me tools that help to access the serenity I need to remain patient and willing to carry on. Patience has become the hallmark of recovery for me.

LifeStar saved my marriage, something I very much desired.

Steven and Jennifer, I want to express my most heartfelt gratitude to you. l can see that you have sacrificed for me, and that you have given beyond what was expected.

Thank you for staying human in a professional pursuit. You will always be as angels to me and my family.

– Recovering Addict

From a Recovering Addict

It was in May 2011 when Life-Star first started up in Lethbridge, Alberta and it could not have been more perfectly timed. I lived my life with addictions of every kind from as long as I can remember, it wasn’t until March of 2011 when my addictions became known to my wife and I was caught in my dual life.  It took me the next 2 months to get all the truth out about my addictions and dual life…

During these two months, my wife’s counselor mentioned this program was coming to Lethbridge and that we might benefit from going. We talked about it and agreed to both go see what it was all about. The program starts with the initial interview and online questionnaire, followed by 3 phases about sex addiction that has literally saved my life, my marriage and my family. It’s been a tough 18 months but worth every minute. I have learned to become self aware and non co-dependant. I have learned about shame and guilt, denial and honesty.

The education I have received in this program through group therapy and counseling has changed the way I see myself, and others. This program has empowered me to become the person I’ve always wanted to be. I will be forever grateful to my wife for believing in me and going through the program with me, for the counselor who recommended Life Star and for the people who facilitate it.

Thank You Life Star!

– Recovering Addict

From a Recovering Addict

My recovery journey, mainly with LifeStar, has led me to feel so much more stable. I feel that my strengths have given me awareness throughout my life which has made it very easy to get mad at myself for having an addiction in the first place. Knowing it’s wrong. Knowing its consequences were going to be

devastating, and then not being able to stop. This naturally generated a deep shame in me that turned into depression, and in all, kept me trapped in the only thing that seemed to provide comfort. Self-medication. Self-stimulation. Masturbation. Pornography.

I was introduced sexually as a kid. Being deeply affected by this, I became socially awkward and I feel my brain was redirected to develop in an unhealthy way. Life became very difficult to manage. Losing out on financial opportunities, stunting my ability to choose a career path, and struggling to find a companion

are a few examples. I was willing to except help, but in my searching, nothing seemed to captivate me like LifeStar has. It has the key components that bring success in developing healthy thinking and living. It has been a miracle in my life.

Shown me a path in which I can really work my way out of this addiction and into healthy living.

I am still on that path. And being able to feel benefits happen as I work the program is straight up amazing II can truly say; It’s not the destination- But the journey, which is living.

– Recovering Addict

From a Recovering Addict

“This is the time.  I can and will do it this time.”  “Okay well maybe not that last time, but this time for sure!”  “I’m so sick of this, I’m smarter than this, and I know better than this.”  “What’s going on here?!  I can’t seem to stay away from this garbage.  I’m such a loser, an idiot, and a lowlife!”  These and many other phrases are the ones that overwhelmed me as I tried to “white knuckle” myself away from my addiction to pornography and lust.  Each time, I was so determined to stay away and before too long, I was back at it again.  I felt as though I was losing my sanity and to a certain extent, I was.  I was spending so much time and energy repelling myself away from Pornography only to find myself swinging right back into it a very short time later.  I felt lost and confused.  To be quite honest, I actually really felt scared.  I loved my wife and children and couldn’t seem to make sense of why I would risk hurting both her and my children so much.  What would she do if she found out?  What would my children think?  What about my standing in my faith community?  Ultimately, it wasn’t too long before I was to find these things out.

The call came one night on my cell phone.  I was out with some friends.  I answered the phone surprised that my wife was calling.  After a short period of time came the anguished cry on the other end of the line.  “I know what you’ve been doing!  How could you!?”  Between her sobs, I tried to make sense of what had just happened.  It was truly one of the lowest points in my life.  I did not know where things would go from there, but at that moment I can honestly say that I was at my metaphorical bottom.  My heart sunk as I left my friends without an explanation knowing that my life with my wife and children would never be the same.  What I did not originally realize was that with this crisis came an opportunity.  Certainly since that time, our relationship has never been the same.  Rather, it has become so much better.

As I reflect on my time in treatment it is hard to think back to that time a number of years ago when I stood there outside my darkened doorway almost too afraid to open it to my broken hearted wife on the other side.  I thought of turning around and walking away, believing that I was too broken and that I had caused too much damage.  However, I will forever be grateful for placing my hand on that doorknob and entering into what would be the most challenging and rewarding journey that I have ever pursued in my life.

Over the past three years, my wife and I have been involved in a variety of treatments to help us be healthier individually, together as a couple, and as a family.  I have been enrolled in a local 12 step program and have pursued individual and couple’s counseling.  After a period of sobriety, I still found myself having too many “white knuckle” days.  I did not like how despite putting so much effort into sobriety, I still seemed drawn towards pornography.  Some days it still felt as though I was just squeaking by.  After a conversation with my wife, it was decided that we would look further into the Lifestar program.  Something was driving me towards pornography, and I needed to further understand what it was about me that left me so vulnerable to this material.

During our time in Lifestar I can genuinely say that my wife and I have experienced both tremendous highs and tremendous lows.  We’ve really had to work hard and dig deep.  Every moment though has been worth the effort.  I had to learn that my problem was more than simply a problem.  It was an addiction.  This was why even though I did not want to engage in this behaviour, I still seemed to go back to it.  Becoming abstinent from acting out was a critical first step.  However, it was only the first step.  There was much yet to learn about myself, my addiction, and why I had a propensity to engage in this behaviour.

Phase 1 of the Lifestar program allowed me to more fully understand my addiction, how my brain was affected, and what I would need to do to allow my brain to start to heal.  What I didn’t realize was that whenever I was feeling lousy about myself, experiencing a significant amount of stress, lacking sleep, or really hungry, I was vulnerable to acting out.  Pornography use had slowly become my sole coping strategy.  I needed to rethink things, redevelop healthier ways to deal with negative emotions, and develop a healthy support network geared towards recovery.  I needed ALL of these things in order to give myself an honest chance at sobriety, true recovery, and sanity.

Phase II & III allowed me to really dig deep into my own addictive patterns and also allowed me to start investigating negative beliefs that I have held about myself that have lead me to want to “self-medicate.”  Pornography triggers the reward centres of the brain which helped to cancel out the negative feelings and thoughts even if only for a short time.  One of the main problems though was that Pornography use simply led to more problems, significant guilt and shame, and a desire to isolate myself.  Working through Phase II & III has helped me to gain the depth of understanding that I desperately needed in order to find a sobriety that could be sustainable.  This is where the real peace began in my life.

Challenges continued to come, but now I found myself accessing healthy ways to deal with these issues.  My wife and I would talk about our difficulties rather than shutting ourselves off from each other.  I can now be more present with my wife and children.  In fact, I can actually be the husband and father I have always wanted to be.  Lifestar has been an absolutely critical component to my own recovery individually as well as to our recovery and growth as a couple.

Like me, you may be standing there on the other side of that door, afraid of what you will find on the other side.  It does take courage to open that door, but the fact that you are sitting here reading this testimonial says that you are on the right path.  While the doorway may be darkened, there is light on the other side.  Sometimes the things that you will see in the light may be scary, but it is in the light that healing can and will occur.  It’s hard to fix things in the dark on your own.  In fact, you won’t be able to do it that way.  Rather, you will be stuck saying, “Okay, next time,” with it always being just outside your reach.

I have learned through this process though that I am worth it, my wife is worth it, and certainly my children are worth it too.  Recovery is for me and it is accessible.  I want you to know that you are worth it too.  Recovery is most certainly for you too but it will require you to be committed, humble, and willing to do the work.  May you too find the peace and serenity that is readily waiting for you if you will but only reach forward and open that door to recovery.

– Recovering Addict


From a Recovering Addict

LifeSTAR has given me the hope that I can overcome my addiction and it has given me reason to believe that I can succeed in my marriage as well. LifeSTAR has given me the understanding of the reasons that it has been so hard to overcome my addiction. Because of LifeSTAR my wife and I have a much more positive relationship

then we have had in the past because we have overcome many other emotional trials in our lives and emotional barriers between us. We have been able to nearly abolish any forms of abuse from our home. We have also been able to experience a greater emotional connection between us an dour physical intimacy is a safe place for both of us.

I have been able to understand how and why I can be happy with the life that I have now and that the reasons why I was miserable before was because of the fact that I was choosing to be miserable. I understand that I was hanging onto faulty core beliefs that were allowing me to believe awful things about myself and to dwell on the misery that those faulty core beliefs created.

I am extremely grateful for the group that I am with and for the camaraderie that we have and for the mutual equality that I feel with them and for the opportunities we have to grow together. I am grateful for the group also because I frequently meet with them, which keeps my addiction out of the shadows. It helps me to see things that I wouldn’t normally see myself.

LifeSTAR has taught me to understand the trauma that my addiction has created for my wife and how I can help her cope with that by owning the things that I’ve one to her. I feel that my relationship my wife has improved as I have learned that I have needs and that those needs were not being fulfilled by my addiction but instead I was believing faulty core beliefs about myself that seemed to justify actions that would seemingly temporarily fulfill my needs but not in the proper way. I truly was never satisfied because I was always looking for something better rather than enjoying MY life. and comparing myself to others.

I have learned that I have justified my poor behaviour and my addiction when I believed my faulty core beliefs and I was trying to fulfill my needs that were got being fulfilled any other way by acting out through my addictive behaviours. i now understand the reason why 1 have begun to believe these faulty core beliefs. I have been brought to an understanding of my family of origin and how that has affected my self esteem and helped create my faulty core beliefs. LifeSTAR has helped me to understand how to overcome these and think more positively about my life.

I do not feel so overwhelmed by life nor do I feel hopeless. 1 have learned that hopelessness was what I used as my justification for trying to feel better about myself through my addictive behaviours which I recognize was not actually making me feel better but intern made me feel worse about myself.

I have learned to understand how to believe helpful ideas and things that people told me before that I just took for granted and couldn’t understand how they could possibly be true but now I understand that they are and HOW they are. Those truths helped me to bring clarity to my thoughts and my feelings. What l have learned about toxic shame has helped me to put things into perspective and not attack myself for my faults and my flaws but rather to work through them rather than have them beat me into the use. I am excited to hear more about toxic shame in the future.

I feel that because of my relationship with LifeSTAR my marriage has improved and my ability to feel happy with the life that I have has become much easier. I know that I can be much more happy than I have been ever in my entire life and the freedom from what used to be a cruel task master is a much more enjoyable thing to grasp and not let go of.


– Jon from Alberta (Recovering Addict)

From an Addict of 20 Years

My recovery journey started abruptly, but I am very thankful for the fact that it had a very clear beginning. As an addict, I was good at lying, deceiving, hiding, and isolating. I was full of toxic shame, regret, and a bundle of other negative beliefs about myself, that I wasn’t really even aware of. I had heard of the LifeSTAR program before my recovery began, and thought it might be interesting to go through, but rationalized very quickly that I was not addicted to lust and pornography. It was just a little problem, and I could stop whenever 1 wanted. This was also a lie.

The beginning of my recovery journey is like many others – my spouse and I separated. This was a difficult event to face, but it allowed several great benefits for both of us in the meantime: more focused personal study and reading time, meditation time, and some distance for my spouse and the “in-your-face” aspect of being reminded of the addiction constantly. It also let me take responsibility for my actions and my recovery.

Going through the LifeSTAR group sessions was an eye opener for me – it helped me realize how big of a problem I was dealing with, that it w-as a real problem, that it affected more people than myself, and that I had brain damage. It also helped me to understand some of the underpinnings of what made me tick the way that I did, and why sometimes I ticked instead of tocked. Understanding the shame and likely causes of shame in my personal life, and the other emotional and self-sabotaging thoughts I was practicing regularly were one of the many keys to unlock my recovery, and to help me along.

The journey through the last year of LifeSTAR was (and still is) a big commitment that I will never regret. It has literally changed my life, even saved my life. Being in a group of other addicts who understand, who offer insights, new perspectives, support, and genuine sincere love are also key components to my recovery. The new friends I’ve made will always be with me.

The work associated with the program is challenging; it requires some deep self-evaluation, and

difficult honesty to break through the shame and denial I was in. I know there are still elements

of shame and denial in my life – and they are being worked out every day as l practice my dailies

and use the tools taught.

LifeSTAR was explained to me as the clinical aspect of recovery- and rightly so. I also believe, as is recommended throughout the program, that the spiritual an.d emotional aspects also need to be addressed properly through spiritual advisors, 12 step groups, and personal counseling.

Personal recovery is personal, and needs to be customized to an extent – but it is a three-legged stool that will fall over if one leg is missing.

Since my spouse also attended LifeSTAR parallel to myself, we have been able to reunite and improve our relationship better than ever. No more lies, much more talking and transparency, and better connectedness. There is even a deeper and truer sense of love between both of us, thanks in part to the work we’ve done, the books we’re read, the affirmations we cite, and the honesty we’re experiencing. There are still bumps in our path, and we still work our programs every day. But we talk about them and we know what’s going on with each other, the hard stuff and the fun stuff.

I hope that this letter helps others see the benefit and help that this program has been to me as an addict, to my spouse, and to us as a couple. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


– An Addict of 20 years

LifeSTAR changed my life and my marriage.

I grew up in a happy, religious family. My husband and I married almost 21 years ago and have 4 beautiful children.

My husband told me of his sex addiction, some of his actions and lies 12 years after we were married. I was shocked, angry, sad and embarrassed.  I told no one and didn’t seek help. Since my husband told me, I reasoned he was truly repentant and had stopped. I resolved to forgive him, keep our family together and move forward. But it didn’t get better, it got worse.

My life continued to spiral downward. It’s difficult to summarize the next 7 ½ years. But it got to the point where I couldn’t keep it together or carry on. I was suffering from trauma and was grieving the life I once dreamed I had.  I lost trust in my husband, myself and even God.  By the end, I was fearful, angry and alone. I was emotionally, spiritually and physically exhausted. I cried every day. I felt physically sick. I couldn’t sleep and I was losing all hope. Our marriage and our family were falling apart.

Even though my husband had a desire to stop and I had a desire to forgive him, we didn’t have the tools to know how.  Through our pain, we started looking for help. We attended a 12 step program, had private therapy sessions and had numerous visits with our church leaders. Although these steps helped, it wasn’t enough. I will be forever grateful to a friend for recommending LifeSTAR.

LifeSTAR made the difference.  I won’t lie, it hasn’t been easy. But it has been worth it.  I’m working through the pain, anger, denial and shame.  I’m finally moving from fear and anxiety to peace. I’m gaining perspective of my reality and what it takes to move into and stay in a better place.  LifeSTAR’s approach has been an integral part of what I’ve gained.

The time and money invested into LifeSTAR has been invaluable. The principles that I have learned are a launching pad in other aspects of my life, including how I interact with my children. Left unchecked, addiction inevitably rears its ugly head into the next generation. I want to help create a healthy, safe home environment and break the cycles for my children and grandchildren. I won’t be perfect and the challenges will continue but at least now I have better tools.

Thank you LifeSTAR Alberta team

From a Recovering Partner

Finding out about my husband’s sexual addiction was the most devastating and traumatic moment in my life. As I tried to cope with my new reality, my mind was flooded with confusion, chaos, extreme emotions, and a myriad of unanswered questions.  Little did I know, that as my friend and future therapist, handed me a LifeStar pamphlet she was handing me the opportunity to save my life, my family and my marriage.

This is not an instant or magical fix, it has taken really hard and dedicated work, and will continue to do so, but I am forever grateful for the knowledge and understanding LifeStar has given me and my husband. Without this program, I shudder to think what would have become of us. I am just so grateful that people with this addiction and their partner’s have somewhere to turn to get real help. LifeStar has truly been a blessing in my life and I am thankful that the LifeStar facilitators have had the foresight to make this program available in this area so that I and so many others can benefit from their efforts.

I highly recommend LifeStar to anyone (whether an addict or a partner) who wants to break free from the devastating effects of sexual addiction and begin to live life in a healthy manner.


– A Recovering Partner

From a Recovering Partner

“My husband and I were married for almost 5 years before his Sexual Addiction finally came out.  After that, I blamed myself entirely and constantly felt guilty that I didn’t do anything ‘more’ to prevent this from happening in our marriage… After all, viewing Pornography and Masturbating was strongly looked down upon in our Religion and in our own family values and personal beliefs.  One way or another, I took on the sole responsibility of trying to ‘fix’ the evils that were multiplying in our relationship.

From that point on, I felt constant shame for the way I looked, and for not recognizing the problem sooner.  I became obsessed in comparing myself to other women all the time.  Advertisements and the Media contributed not only to my partners struggles, but to mine as well.  My self esteem was fading fast!  It seemed as thought we were living a façade.  We were the cliché of appearing a certain way in public, and then living another way behind closed doors.  There wasn’t happiness, laughter, or love.

I immediately started to question the level of intimacy and physical connection I brought to our relationship.  Was I beautiful enough?  Was I desirable enough?  Was I good enough?  I no longer considered myself a ‘whole’ Woman.  I also quickly spiraled into a deep, dark depression.  There didn’t seem to be any relief.  It wasn’t long before I totally isolated myself from my family and friends too.  I completely gave up on the things that used to bring me joy.  I gave up on life…  I gave up on myself.

I battled the same private thoughts over and over again in my mind:  “If I lose tons of weight- He would find me more attractive, and this will all go away!”  “If I became a better Wife and Lover- He would want me more, and our lives will go back to normal!”  Somehow, I thought I knew all the answers.  However, nothing seemed to work or help to solve our embarrassing secret.  In fact, it was almost as if things got worse.  Little did I know that ‘people pleasing’ was something that was not only enabling my Husband’s Sexual Addiction further – but that was damaging me in the process too!

We reached our final breaking point.  I was ready to file for Divorce and move on with my life; shattered dreams and all.  I didn’t know what else to do. I had cried myself to sleep for so long, and had prayed just as hard.  There didn’t seem to be any other answers available… And then one day, we were introduced to the LifeSTAR Alberta program.

Since day one, I can honestly and truly say that my life has changed for the better!  I will always be grateful for the gift of hope that LifeSTAR gave both me, and my Husband.   The education that I have been given has literally been the answer to my prayers.   I have learned SO much in the last year and a half that I am even amazed at how far I’ve come!  LifeSTAR has taught me so much, on how to live a healthy, happy, and co-dependent free life.  I have been given the tools and the training on what it means to be successful in all my relationships- but more importantly the relationship I have with spouse.  I’ve also learned what it means to live an abusive free life.  I have learned that my Husband’s Sexual Addiction, was NEVER my fault- and that it will NEVER be my fault.  LifeSTAR has taught me that I am only responsible for my own behaviors and actions, and that by enforcing appropriate consequences when necessary- I can have the life I’ve always wanted.  I don’t need to struggle for control anymore.

I personally will always be indebted to LifeSTAR for their continuous sensitivity, patience, and empathy.  Attempting to be transparent and sharing “your story” with complete strangers is never a comfortable task; especially when you have experienced something so emotionally traumatic and exhausting in your life for the first time.  I am very grateful for the level of confidentiality and professionalism that the LifeSTAR Alberta Staff has always continued to extend towards me and my family through every meeting as well.  It makes trusting the “healing” process go smoother in both Therapy and in real life.

Most importantly, LifeSTAR has helped me to believe in myself again! To truly love and accept myself for who I am today, regardless of what anybody else thinks or says about me.  I have learned to be in tune with my heart, and mind and be at peace in my own journey.  I have learned to live everyday with faith rather than with fear.  I have been given the gifts of surrender, positive affirmation, and vulnerability.  LifeSTAR has also helped my Husband and me to truly take a look at ourselves, and fight for what’s most important in our lives…  Each other!  We have learned that as much as this road to recovery is not an easy progression- the benefits and blessings in the end are worth all the natural highs and lows of the program, so long as we face them together!  Sexual Addiction really isn’t about Sex.  It truly is an emotional intimacy disorder, which can be treated with the help of the right professionals; so long as the desire for hard work, honesty, and sobriety is there.

I will always be appreciative of LifeSTAR for helping me and my Husband to have the courage to reach those very desires.”

– Southern Alberta, Phase III Participant.  (Spouse of Sex Addict in Recovery, 2012.)

I am the Wife of a Sex Addict

Finding out about my husband’s sexual addiction was the most devastating and traumatic moment in my life. As I tried to cope with my new reality, my mind was flooded with confusion, chaos, extreme emotions, and a myriad of unanswered questions.  Little did I know, that as my friend and future therapist, handed me a LifeStar pamphlet she was handing me the opportunity to save my life, my family and my marriage.

This is not an instant or magical fix, it has taken really hard and dedicated work, and will continue to do so, but I am forever grateful for the knowledge and understanding LifeStar has given me and my husband. Without this program, I shudder to think what would have become of us. I am just so grateful that people with this addiction and their partner’s have somewhere to turn to get real help. LifeStar has truly been a blessing in my life and I am thankful that the LifeStar facilitators have had the foresight to make this program available in this area so that I and so many others can benefit from their efforts.

I highly recommend LifeStar to anyone (whether an addict or a partner) who wants to break free from the devastating effects of sexual addiction and begin to live life in a healthy manner.


– Wife of a Sex Addict

Letter from the Spouse of an Addict, One Year in Recovery

LifeSTAR is such a source of strength to me. It has given me power and something to hold on to during some of my most troubling moments. It has taken me step by step through what I need to do (and not do) to deal with the effect of my husband’s porn/sex addiction of 33 years.

As I look back on this year of recovery and therapy, I initially thought this was going to be all about him (after-all, he’s the addict). When I first learned that the recovery process included lengthy therapy for me, I was offended. I didn’t need help. I just needed to heal from the abuse of living with an addict. What I found out about me was shocking. I had developed a set of co –dependent survival behaviours to fight an unseen enemy. The LifeSTAR program not only helped me recognize and understand these behaviours, it has provided the foundation and support in a group to allow me to set these things aside and go forward with confidence and a new view of who I am.

If things wouldn’t have changed, I would have ended this marriage. Our marriage has not ended, and I have hope that no matter what challenges we will face in the future, we are both better equipped to deal with them. For the first time in my life, I see my husband fro who he really is (and was). It’s the “is” part that gives me hope right now.

In a way, it’s sad that so much of the LifeSTAR program is not in the public eye. I will be forever grateful for Jennifer and Steven. They teach the principles of the LifeSTAR program with love and empathy for us. It’s what I feel as I work through this program that gives these principles meaning in my life. I know that I can heal and trust again.

– Spouse of an Addict, One Year in Recovery