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Repairing Attachment Ruptures: Emotional Focused Therapy for Couples Dealing with Hypersexual Behaviours

Tannia Los – June 29, 2013

       Hypersexual behaviour can have a devastating impact on relationships and the attachments formed between partners (Reid & Woolley, 2006). Engagement in hypersexual behaviour can cause negative feelings such as anger, shame and resentment, and ultimately cause an attachment rupture within the relationship (Johnson, 2005). This rupture can make healing and forgiveness very difficult, if not impossible, until the rupture is addressed. It is very important that a couple is able to discuss their emotional responses to hypersexual behaviour in a safe and controlled environment (Reid & Woolley, 2006). Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) provides that environment and is an effective theoretical framework that can help to repair attachment ruptures between partners using specific interventions (Johnson, 2003). The purpose of this paper is to first define hypersexual behaviour and discuss the impact it has on the individuals involved. Next, provide a description of how to use EFT to help couples dealing with hypersexual behaviour and the process of reparation of attachment ruptures, and finally, offer recommendations for future research.

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