Phase One: The Getting Started INTENSIVE Workshop

This workshop runs over a 3 day period about every 8-10 weeks. This INTENSIVE outpatient program makes confronting your sexual addiction possible while maintaining your personal responsibilities.

This porn addiction counseling workshop is for adolescents and adults in Calgary and other parts of Alberta, struggling with pornography addiction and other sexual compulsive behaviors as well as their partners.

The setting is confidential and safe.

Each group member is screened prior to attending, and the group is closed to new participants once it has begun. Each group member is required to sign a confidentiality statement. The Getting Started Workshop is both educational and experiential in its scope. It provides a basic understanding of issues that influence unwanted behaviours; also, it offers tools to help you stop those behaviours and replace them with healthier ones. It empowers your recovery process and helps you strengthen your significant relationships.

Even if you are already working with a therapist or attending a 12-step support group, you will find the Getting Started Workshop to be a tremendous resource.

We strongly recommend that married couples begin this process of education together; however, the workshop is also geared for single adults or for individuals whose partners are unwilling to attend.

Cost for LifeSTAR Phase 1 INTENSIVE: Getting Started is $675 per person or $1250 per couple. Price includes 4 workbooks, 3 booklets, and 18 hours of education.

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Phase Two: The Recovery Group

These group sessions are conducted in an environment of safety and confidentiality.

Groups meet once a week for 90 minutes. LifeSTAR Alberta offers the use of web-based video conferencing to allow individuals living outside of Lethbridge to participate in group therapy.

The Recovery Group is the second phase of the LifeSTAR program. Participants who attend the second phase must complete the LifeSTAR Phase 1: Getting Started Workshop. The second phase builds on the foundation created in the first phase by adding four new workbooks and a more personalized recovery experience.

People struggling with pornography addiction or other unwanted compulsive sexual behaviours meet in groups, while those affected by a loved one’s addictive behaviours meet in their own groups. Through weekly accountability, instruction, educational workbooks and participation in the recovery group process, persons struggling with the addiction learn how to overcome the pull of their sexually problematic behaviours. A highly trained therapist who specializes in working with pornography and sexual addiction facilitates each group and helps each group member customize their own recovery experience.

The workbooks in this phase focus on providing a more in-depth look at denial, the addiction cycle, fantasies and objectification, relapse prevention and healthy living.

While attending their own groups, those affected by a loved one’s addictive behaviours find support, strength and guidance as they try to navigate their own emotional discomfort. Group members connect with each other and take a more in-depth look at how their partner’s addiction affects their thinking and behaviour. They also learn how to establish healthy boundaries and develop effective coping skills. Partner groups are also facilitated by professional therapists.

Participants should stay in Phase 2 until they have established solid sobriety, are implementing an effective treatment plan – which includes a network of support, and have a detailed understanding of their addictive cycle.

Cost for Phase 2: The Recovery Group is $235.00 per month per person. Price includes 4 additional workbooks as well as 6 hours of group therapy per month.

Please contact us if you would like to sign up for the next Getting Started Workshop.

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Phase Three: The Advanced Group


This group is conducted in an environment of safety and confidentiality.

 Groups meet once a week for 90 minutes. LifeSTAR Alberta offers the use of web-based video conferencing to allow individuals living outside of Lethbridge to participate in group therapy.


The Advanced Group represents a long-term commitment to group therapy and is geared toward helping participants maintain their new-found healthy lifestyles. Phase 3 participants have graduated from Phase 2 and continue working in their small groups. The Advanced Groups are held weekly for 90 minutes.


The person who struggled with a pornography addiction and or other sexual addictions will have demonstrated a solid sobriety from the sexual acting out behaviours and is ready to do the more the focused work of finding healing for shame, attachment, and other emotional issues that the addiction covered.


Once the underlying issues have been addressed, healthy lifestyle changes are reinforced to keep the addiction from reappearing in the future. Participants in recovery learn how to improve their relationships with their partners, children, extended family, co-workers and friends.


Third phase groups for partners build on the strengths and support they gained in the second phase. Most partners have moved past the crisis of betrayal and are now able to work on developing healthy emotional expression, healing trauma, decreasing shame and improving their most important relationships. Partners in Phase 3 rediscover their best selves and build patterns for long-term healthy living.


For both recovering participants and their partners, Phase 3 is a chance to practice living life without the constant threat of the addiction; this phase helps secure the gains made during the previous two phases.


Cost for Phase 3: The Advanced Group is $235.00 per month per person. Price includes materials and 6 hours of group therapy per month.


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Addiction Healing Program


As a teen, sexuality and sex are usually at the forefront of the everyday experience. This is natural and good. However, the impact of pornography can have a huge impact on the brain, emotions, and relationships. Pornography and sexual compulsive behaviours (sexual act that become uncontrollable) can become a problem and become an addiction.

 YouthSTAR is a program for adolescents who struggle with the use and abuse  of viewing pornography. It offers support, tools, and information to both youth and their parents.

The YouthSTAR program includes:

Parent Seminar

 • Information about adolescent struggles with pornography

 • Creating emotional safety so the teen’s use of pornography can be effectively addressed

 • An understanding of the curriculum and messages that will be given to the during the YouthSTAR program

Group work for Youth

 • An understanding of the impact and effects of pornography

 • Resources and tools will be given to understand relationships and healthy connection

 • A safe and interactive space where concerns, feelings, and questions are valued and explored

Porn Addiction Counseling for Adolescents Calgary

Transformation Alberta


Compulsive-eating can rob you of your self-esteem and your health. Transformation Alberta is an out-patient recovery program designed to assist individuals who struggle with compulsive eating as they end an unhealthy relationship with food and transform their lives. Transformation Alberta is a branch of Life STAR Alberta that is facilitated by trained professionals. For more information about Transformation Alberta please check out the following website:

Addiction Transformation